The Scally Report into the Cervical Check Scandal

Posted by Alan Kelly on September 12, 2018 at 11:47 PM


Today was busy day as the Scally Report into the Cervical Check Scandal was published. It was an emotional day too for the women and families affected. It is a comprehensive and very good report. I met and spoke with Dr Scally for over two hours. It is now critical that his recommendations are implemented immediately. There is also more work to be done to investigate why, how and when some of this happened. However, today is an important milestone. It creates a pathwa...y to help us eradicate cervical cancer as a main cancer in Ireland and to help protect future generations of both girls and boys. Tonight I’m thinking of Vicky Phelan as without her determination and courage we wouldn’t have reached this milestone. I’m also thinking of Stephen Teap and Lorraine Walsh who have tirelessly worked with Vicky and Dr Scally over the last few months. These are incredible people. Some of the best people I have ever met. The country owes them a debt of gratitude.

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