Nenagh/Ballybrophy Railway Line

Posted by Alan Kelly on August 29, 2017 at 09:39 AM

The report that Irish Rail are looking at closing four railway lines, two of them going through Tipperary is nothing new. This has been mooted for many years and something I have fought against.

Tearing up infrastructure that is critical to Tipperary is not acceptable. Across the world Government's are looking at getting goods and the travelling public off roads and on to rail and here we are looking at closing more railway lines.

Have we not learnt any lessons from the closure of so many lines in the last century that would be so valuable now.

Furthermore, how could the Government support such a proposal given it flies in the face of Government policy across a range of areas. This would be contrary to the Regional Action Plans for Jobs, the Government's Action Plan for Rural Ireland and indeed commitments the Government have in relation to climate change.

What needs to happen is proper investment in both the Ballybrophy and Limerick-Waterford lines. The lines are too slow, have too many crossings and do not have attractive services, with very little offering to commute to Dublin. Many of the services aren't even available online.

I am asking the people of Tipperary to fight against these proposals. Having rail lines are very important for inward investment opportunities so how could this Government say they have any interest in Tipperary if they allow this to go ahead.

Minister Ross and this Government needs to get the message that the closure of services at 9 train stations in Tipperary will not be tolerated. I won't accept it and I don't believe the people of Tipperary will either.

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