Where are the IDA jobs for Tipp?

Posted by Alan Kelly on June 12, 2017 at 09:50 AM

While I very much welcome the announcement of another 400 jobs in Northern Trust for Limerick and the Mid West, I have to ask what is happening now for County Tipperary.

I hope some jobseekers from Tipperary will indeed get jobs as part of this announcement but the simple fact is that there has been little or no job announcements from the IDA for Tipperary during the term of this Government. So I have to ask is County Tipperary really a priority for this Fine Gael led Government supported by Fianna Fáil and Michael Lowry and when it suits him Mattie McGrath?

We have heard so much from this Government about their concentration on rural Ireland but I don't see any evidence of it. We have had much fanfare around the launch of the Action Plan For Rural Development but I don't see anything new happening. Besides much of the plan is work already underway so there is little if anything new in it.

Tipperary is suffering because of the policies or lack of them of this Government and their supporters in Fianna Fáil and Michael Lowry. We haven't a focus on Tipperary anymore under this charade of a Government. It's as simple as that. His is despite the best efforts of various organisations like Tipperary County Council, Invest Tipp, Jobs For Tipp, Tipperary Chamber and others.

When I was a member of Cabinet, I was able to ensure Tipperary was represented at the highest level. I also made sure the IDA delivered for County Tipperary with Amneal and First Data being prime examples of this. Even in opposition, as Jobs Spokesperson, I've delivered a platform for the IDA in the coming years to finally deliver much needed jobs in the new Sky Innovation Park site in Tipperary Town.

However, it seems definitive now that County Tipperary is no longer a priority for this current Government or their supporters in Tipperary.

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