Tipperary Amublance Service

Posted by Alan Kelly on November 01, 2016 at 12:04 PM

I confronted Minister for Health Simon Harris on the review of Mid West ambulance services that is currently being undertaken amid the possibility of the withdrawal of advanced paramedic services int he area.
I confronted Minister Harris on this issue in the Dail recently. Amazingly, he admitted he knew next to nothing about it. I questioned why the review was taking place and if it was to reduce or withdraw services from the area, which would be unacceptable. I said I expected any review to increase the services given that the national ambulance service has a larger budget this year. Subsequently I spoke with Minister Harris privately and he said he believed that there would be no decrease in "there was no intention to reduces services in the Mid West".
I believe that the review was indeed looking at reducing services and the HSE were hoping to do it under the radar, but because I raised the issue in Dail Eireann that this is now being looked at again and I expect a positive outcome, where ambulance and paramedic services are improved for the people of Tipperary. I would like to thank those who brought this very important issue to my attention'.

See attached video clip of the issue being raised in the Dail.

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