Posted by Alan Kelly on January 20, 2016 at 06:36 PM

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that First Data are establishing a research and development centre in Nenagh. This is a huge endorsement of the local area and local economy by a massive multi-national. I first met with First Data in January of last year in New York and having made the connection with IDA, accompanied them on their many inspections of the facilities in Nenagh and met with them in New York on two more occasions and many times in Dublin and Nenagh. I am delighted, having worked with both the IDA and indeed Tipperary County Council, that they have decided to establish a new facility and bring 300 jobs to Nenagh. As the local Minister, I have worked night and day over the last twelve months to ensure that First Data chose both Nenagh and Tipperary as the place to establish their research centre. I'm absolutely thrilled this day has come.

I want to thank the IDA, Joe MacGrath, Marcus O'Connor, Brian Beck & all those involved with Tipperary Co Co, all the locals who met First Data on the many occasions they visited Nenagh with me. I want to thank all my own staff for working on this project. They can all now finally talk about it with everyone! Finally I want to thank Dermot Gleeson who has worked with me on this from day one and without whose support, time & work I wouldn't have been able to deliver this.

Delivering jobs like this in First Data and the Silvemines Hydro Project is the reason I entered politics. Thrilled!

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