Inaugural Enhancement Awards in Roscrea

Posted by Alan Kelly on December 06, 2015 at 11:46 AM

This afternoon I attended the Inaugural Enhancement Awards in Roscrea yesterday. 

Roscrea is a town that I’ve gotten to know very well during my tenure as Minister and indeed it is a town that I am proud to be associated with. The spirit of volunteerism and the ‘can do’ attitude of the people of Roscrea which has been referred to earlier is something which sets Roscrea apart from other towns.

The Tidy Towns Committee in Roscrea is one of the strongest in the County and their drive and enthusiasm is recognised throughout.  It is this drive and determination which has seen Roscrea do so well, time and time again, in the National Tidy Towns awards, and the support and involvement of the community plays a big part in this.

This year, two new categories have been included in Tidy Towns Competition, the Diversity Award, and also the Youth Award. I have seen the work of the Junior Tidy Towns Committee in the Town including the Poetry Trail in the Castle field and I find it really inspiring to see work this group is doing. It is great to see the next generation in Roscrea with the same work ethos and values of the current Tidy Town Committee.

These awards, like the National Tidy Towns awards are an acknowledgement to all the volunteers for their hard work and commitment in making their town a better place. Everyone should have pride in where they come from and the Roscrea Committee surely demonstrates that this is the case. The Enhancement Awards recognise the work done by the volunteers not only in the town centres, but also in the residential areas of the town. Their work improves the quality of life for the most important people in Roscrea, who are not the visitors or the tourists but the residents. Their tireless work makes these estates better places for children to play, more attractive places for the elderly to take a stroll and for families to spend some quality time.

I would like to congratulate all of the estates and groups that were nominated, a special well done to all  the winners on the day.

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