Gas Works Start

Posted by Alan Kelly on January 12, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Work begins today to bring gas to Nenagh. Phase 1 will bring gas to the major user in the town - Arrabawn. The laying of pipes will start this morning, with work starting at Stafford Street with a number of crews working in the area. As the saying goes you can't make an omellete without breaking eggs, so there will some disruption over the coming weeks.

I worked tirelessly to make this happen, it was the single most important project I wanted to deliver for Nenagh. It gives Nenagh huge capacity and fantastic opportunities that it never saw before.

This is hugely important for Nenagh. Gas provision will create a huge competitive advantage for Nenagh. Energy consumption and the cost of oil and other energy sources are now one of the largest, if not the largest cost concerns for businesses and employers in Nenagh.

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