Capital Grants for Three Tipperary Youth Groups

Posted by Alan Kelly on December 01, 2014 at 12:11 PM

I am delighted to announce the allocation of capital grants to three youth groups in Tipperary.

The three youth groups are Tipperary SPY (Special Project for Youth) has been allocated funding for Upgrade of I.T. equipment, upgrade soft equipment for youth premises, purchase of equipment to support programme development., Tipperary Youth Information Project has been allocated funding for Upgrade of I.T. equipment and install integrated communications network for Youth Information centres, purchase of software updates, purchase of equipment to support programme development  and Foroige Nenagh Youth Development Project for To upgrade and replace office equipment and furniture, I.T. and media equipment, games consoles and outdoor signage    The Tipperary Projects are part of 50 youth projects and organisations throughout the country that have been allocated capital grants for small to medium scale equipment and upgrade projects. 

This is very welcome news for all groups, there are large number of volunteers giving up their spare time working with these youth groups, and I have no doubt that these grants will make a difference to all involved. 

The Capital funding scheme for small to medium capital grants is open to applications from Department of Children and Youth Affairs funded projects under the Special Projects for Youth Scheme (SPY), Youth Information Centres (YICs), Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund (YPFSF) and Local Drugs Task Force (LDTF) (21 mainstreamed projects). As a once-off exceptional measure the scheme is also open to a number of national youth organisations.

The grant scheme remains open for applications in early 2015 for capital projects related to health and safety improvements to premises (e.g., improved access for young people with disabilities; fire doors) and/or upgrade or refurbishment of premises (e.g. window replacements; heating upgrades).

Full details of the scheme and contact addresses for Education and Training Boards are available on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs website at

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