Annual Fall in Live Register for Tipperary

Posted by Alan Kelly on August 05, 2014 at 10:12 AM

I welcome the further annual fall in the Live Register in July for Tipperary.

The Live Register has fallen by 8.47% in North Tipperary and 8.05% in South Tipperary, with decreases of 8.04% in Nenagh, 8.80% in Roscrea, 8.73% in Thurles.

These are encouraging figures, and show the progress we are making in reducing the numbers of unemployed people in Tipperary.

Labour Ministers have introduced schemes such as JobsPlus and Springboard that are already helping people to move out of long-term unemployment into high-quality training, education and full-time employment.

The recent ESRI report, showing that the gap between rich and poor in Ireland has actually narrowed in recent years, is proof that we have protected social welfare while helping people move into work.

The country is in recovery mode, with consumer confidence up and the Central Bank forecasting increased economic growth of 2.5% for 2014.

The key challenge is to ensure that Tipperary benefits from the recovery, and that we create good jobs for people here.


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