Influential Trip to the US

Posted by Alan Kelly on December 01, 2009 at 09:09 PM

US FlagThis coming Wednesday, I will travel to the US as a member of the influential EU Parliament’s US Delegation. I am the sole Irish MEP to be involved in this trip. With plans to visit Washington and New York, I plan to use this opportunity to meet with US Senators and the House of Representatives members.

Discussions are set to take place to address the global issues of international trade, climate change, transport and communications. I’m eager to meet with the US Senators and House of Representatives members to discuss these important issues which affect us all.

Furthermore, I will also hold a number of bi-lateral meetings relating to domestic Irish issues. In particular I’ll be arranging meetings with key support groups for the undocumented Irish along with business leaders with a view to promoting Tipperary as an area for potential inward investment. With a great number of people in Tipperary seeking employment, foreign investment would be a welcome development.

I’ll be bringing with me a portfolio of business contacts and start ups with a view to help push local enterprises while meeting with these business leaders. I am eager to encourage these American business people, in any way possible, to recognise the advantages of investing in our local communities. Tipperary has a lot to offer by way of business opportunities and I plan to bring this to the attention of these business people.

I am hopeful that it will be an advantageous trip for all concerned.

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