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Thank you for visiting my website. I was honoured to have been given a mandate to serve the people of Tipperary and will continue to do my best to deliver for all my constituents.

I was delighted to have served as Minister of Environment, Community & Local Government, having previously been Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport with special responsibility for Public and Commuter Transport.

In order to ensure that I deliver the best possible information for my constituents, I welcome any suggestions for the site. I also invite my constituents to inform me about any events coming up in your area and I will advertise it here for you.

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Official Opening oF Clonmore National School

Clonmore NS
Clonmore NS

I was delighted to take part in the official opening of Clonmore National School last week.  In 2015 I announced  that Clonmore National School  had been allocated funding for major renovations/extension at the school.  The school was approved for funding for two mainstream classrooms, refurbishment costs to including new partitions, electrical and mechanical upgrade, dry lining where necessary, wheelchair access and prefab removal.  The announcement followed many meetings with the then Minister for Education & Skills Jan O'Sullivan TD.

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Nenagh Castle


I have been raising the issue of the funding required to carry out phase two works on Nenagh Castle with the Minister for Public Works for months now.

After his visit last week, I have subsequently been in touch with him and I am confident that the Minister will provide funding to commence the works that have been planned for many years now.

Nenagh Castle looks fantastic and has had record numbers of visitors over the last year. We need to continue this and developing the original entrance to the castle, completing more renovation works and looking at an interpretive centre would really enhance the visitor experience of this fabulous attraction. I'm confident that Minister Moran will help us with this and that funding will be provided in the coming months.

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McGraths Partitionist Railway Line Stance Unacceptable

Deputy Mattie McGrath's Partitionist position on Tipperary's railway lines is completely unacceptable. Last week he stated that he couldn't justify supporting the continuance of the Ballybrophy line but he could support the Limerick Junction to Waterford line. So in effect Deputy McGrath wants to keep the line that is running in the Southern end of the county but wants to close the one in the Northern end. How can he adopt such a stance and still say he wants to represent all the people of Tipperary equally. 
I have fought to save both these railway lines throughout my political career. Indeed during the financial crisis when there was no money available I was able to keep both these lines open as Minister for Public Transport. I represented both lines and both sides of the county equally unlike Deputy McGrath. 
These lines need huge investment and they need to have better services that in particular service commuters to Dublin and other cities. If these services are built, well then the customers will come. 

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HPV Vaccine campaign

I support the HSE’s Protect our Future HPV vaccine campaign and has condemned the comments of his constituency colleague Deputy Mattie McGrath.

This week, more than 30,000 young girls started secondary school and are due to receive the HPV vaccine in the coming weeks. Due to a large misinformation campaign, medical groups are rightly worried that we will see another dramatic fall in the uptake of the vaccination.

I support this life-saving vaccine and the HSE’s information campaign encouraging parents to allow their children to receive the vaccine.

As a father of two young children, the fact that 40 women will die because of non-uptake of the HPV vaccine last year is startling.

The facts cannot be ignored – the HPV vaccine protects against two types of HPV, which cause 73% of all cervical cancers.

The comments from my constituency col league, Deputy Mattie McGrath, are deeply unhelpful. Deputy’s McGrath’s attack on the HSE’s information campaign is unwarranted.  For Deputy McGrath to call this life-saving campaign “pathetic” is completely irresponsible.

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